The Meaning of Work Among Nonstandard Workers: A Multifaceted Reality

  • Charles Bujold Université Laval, Québec
  • Geneviève Fournier Université Laval, Québec
  • Lise Lachance Université du Québec à Montréal
Keywords: Key words, nonstandard, work, significance, centrality, expectations, commitment


The Meaning of Work among Nonstandard Workers: A Multifaceted Reality


A sample of 100 Canadian nonstandard workers completed a semi-structured exploration guide designed to investigate the significance work had for them, its centrality, their expectations for, and personal commitment to this role. This exploratory study revealed that even though work had a positive significance and constituted a central value for most of these participants, its importance in comparison with other life roles was less clear. Moreover, the participants’ precarious situation seemed to color their expectations for and commitment to work. The results are discussed with respect to the scientific literature, and implications for career counseling and research are provided.

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Charles Bujold, Université Laval, Québec
[No reviews in July and Dec.-Apr.] Doctorat (psychologie du counseling Téléphone à domicile: 418-683-3565
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