Introduction: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Counselling Psychology




Over the past 30 years, the field of counselling psychology has experienced many new insights and shifting practices into counsellor education, practitioner and faculty scholarship, and larger systems including post-secondary institutions, accreditation councils, and regulatory bodies. One of the central contributions to this expanding landscape is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). In this introduction to the present special issue of Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, the authors outline the trends and developments in SoTL and discuss current applications of SoTL to the field of counselling psychology. They highlight the importance of these applications for moving the field of counselling forward. Each of the four articles within this special issue is described briefly through the lens of its contributions to SoTL within counselling psychology.

Author Biographies

Robert A. Roughley, Yorkville University

Robert A. Roughley is an associate faculty member in the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences at Yorkville University. He is a registered provisional psychologist in Alberta and has been involved in the scholarship of teaching and learning and in educator development for the past 15 years. He holds a doctorate in counselling psychology from the University of Calgary and specializes in sex therapy. He is currently completing a doctor of education degree in adult learning at the University of Calgary.

Toupey Luft, University of Lethbridge

Toupey Luft is an assistant professor in the addictions counselling program at the University of Lethbridge. She is a registered psychologist in Alberta and has been a counsellor educator for over 10 years. Her research focuses on counsellor and supervisor development, the therapeutic alliance, and the use of mindfulness to enhance mental health.

Jill Cummings, Yorkville University

Jill Cummings delivers faculty development programs and scholarly activities at Yorkville University, where she is associate dean, faculty development. She provides orientation and professional development in teaching and assessment for faculty members in the master’s of counselling psychology and doctorate of counselling and psychotherapy programs. She achieved her Ph.D. in curriculum, teaching, and learning at the University of Toronto. Jill has supervised, developed, and delivered teacher education programs at both the graduate and undergraduate levels (post-secondary and K–12).




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Roughley, R. A., Luft, T., & Cummings, J. (2021). Introduction: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Counselling Psychology. Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 55(1), 1–6.



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