The Role of Self-Efficacy in Expatriate Adjustment: An Allegorical Perspective

English (Canada)


  • Roseanne D. Cooper Athabasca University



This paper is unique among the articles written about expatriates in that it focuses on the importance of self-efficacy, on developing one’s cultural identity consciously, and on community building in order to facilitate adjustment. Well-adjusted expatriates build an array of strategies to overcome the many challenges they are faced with: awakening, overwhelmingness, culture shock, grief, uncertainty, communication issues, and identity loss. Most expatriates have had a wide array of experiences and thus can relate to characters with otherworldly experiences. James and the Giant Peach, a remarkable story by Roald Dahl, is used as a platform to illuminate the research literature as an invitation to reconceptualize expatriate adjustment creatively.

Author Biography

Roseanne D. Cooper, Athabasca University

Roseanne D. Cooper relocated from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to British Columbia in 2020. Her areas of interest include exploring cultural identity creatively, redefining oneself in times of change, and the role of self-efficacy in social connection. She is registered with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors, and the Canadian Art Therapy Association. She is a practitioner within the province of British Columbia.



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Cooper, R. D. (2021). The Role of Self-Efficacy in Expatriate Adjustment: An Allegorical Perspective: English (Canada). Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 55(1), 122–137.