Effect of Career Counselling on Mental Health: Using A Clinical Change Method

Francis Milot-Lapointe, Réginald Savard, Yann Le Corff


Referring to the work on clinical change in mental health (Jacobson, Follette, & Revenstorf, 1984; Jacobson & Truax, 1991), this study investigated the effect of a career counselling process on the mental health of clients. The Outcome Questionnaire (OQ- 30.2: Lambert, Finch, Okiishi, & Burlingame, 2005) was used to measure mental health. Of the 13 clients who participated in career counselling sessions, 8 were found to have experienced a “recovery” (30.8 %) or “improvement” (30.8 %) in mental health, while no change was experienced by the other 5 (38.5 %).


effet; santé mentale; counseling de carrière


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