Art Therapy for Chronic Pain: Applications and Future Directions


  • Anne-Marie Angheluta Calgary, Alberta
  • Bonnie K. Lee


Chronic Pain, Art Therapy


Chronic pain is acknowledged as a phenomenological experience resulting from biological, psychological, and social interactions. Consequently, treatment for this complex and debilitating health phenomenon is often approached from multidisciplinary and biopsychosocial perspectives. One approach to treating chronic pain involves implementing mind-body treatments such as art therapy. Art therapy for chronic pain is a nascent area of study, and this literature review endeavours to (a) evaluate the quality of literature investigating this area, (b) discuss how art therapy and other creative arts therapies treated the biopsychosocial dimensions of chronic pain, and (c) identify challenges and future directions for research on this topic.

Author Biography

Anne-Marie Angheluta, Calgary, Alberta

Anne-Marie Angheluta has recently graduated from the Graduate Centre of Applied Psychology through Athabasca University with a Masters of Counselling with a Specialization in Art Therapy.




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