Perception of Clients' Presenting Concern as a Function of Counsellor-Trainees' Endorsement of Feminism


  • Dong Yul Lee University of Western Ontario
  • Angel Gee University of Western Ontario
  • Max R. Uhlemann University of Victoria


The present study is an attempt to answer the question: Do novice clinicians' attitudes toward feminism influence their perception of the clients' problem? Our prediction was that for female clients, the degree to which counsellor-trainees endorse feminist attitudes is related to the attribution of causes, prognosis, and perceived counsellor understanding. After completing a scale assessing their endorsement of feminist attitudes, 150 counsellor-trainees viewed one of two videotaped counselling interviews in which a male counsellor interviewed a male or a female client about his or her presenting concern of depression. The counsellor-trainees were then asked to indicate their perceptions of the client's problem. The results showed no significant effect of counsellor-trainees' feminist attitudes on their perception of clients' presenting problem of depression.




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Lee, D. Y., Gee, A., & Uhlemann, M. R. (2007). Perception of Clients’ Presenting Concern as a Function of Counsellor-Trainees’ Endorsement of Feminism. Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 34(4). Retrieved from



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