Becoming empowered: A study of counsellor development

  • D. Donald Sawatzky
  • Ronna F. Jevne
  • Graeme T. Clark


This study was designed to explore the question of what experiences contribute to the development of effectiveness as a counsellor. A qualitative research methodology was utilized in which doctoral students from one program in counselling psychology were interviewed. Based on a thematic analysis of the interviews, a cyclical model of counsellor development is proposed. The overall process has been named "Becoming Empowered" which includes recurring themes identified as: experiencing dissonance, responding to dissonance, relating to supervision and feeling empowered. Several implications of this research are highlighted.
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Donald Sawatzky, D., Jevne, R. F., & Clark, G. T. (2007). Becoming empowered: A study of counsellor development. Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 28(3). Retrieved from
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