Woven Voices: Recommendations for Counsellors Working with Professional Interpreters


  • Mairav A. Z. Amouyal Adler University
  • Rosa Wu Adler University
  • Pamela Patterson Adler University


This study used the enhanced critical incident technique to examine meaningful incidents that helped, hindered, or were desired by 7 professional interpreters (PI) working in mental health care. Data analysis resulted in 562 critical incidents (CI), 258 helping CIs, 223 hindering CIs, and 81 wish-list items. Counselling and education recommendations are provided, which include PI’s intrapersonal processes; counsellor’s presence, collaboration, and education on PI-mediated sessions; community and government support for PIs; and clients’ understanding of PI-mediation sessions, communication style, family dynamics, and community.

Author Biography

Mairav A. Z. Amouyal, Adler University

Mairav Amouyal is a graduate student at Adler University Masters of Arts Counselling program. Her main research interests are in multicultural counselling, diversity, and languages utilizing collaborative, postmodern, qualitative research approaches.

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Amouyal, M. A. Z., Wu, R., & Patterson, P. (2020). Woven Voices: Recommendations for Counsellors Working with Professional Interpreters. Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 54(1), 50–70. Retrieved from https://cjc-rcc.ucalgary.ca/article/view/61255



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