Computer-Assisted Vocational Counselling

Joseph G. Gallo


A random sample (N = 36) of students with equal numbers of males and females from each of the three grade levels, ten, eleven, and twelve, used the Computer-Assisted Vocational Counseling System (CAVCS). Each student had four, 25-minute terminal sessions over a 13 week period. Using the criterion of usage as evidenced in the number of jobs examined, an analysis of covariance with IQ score as covariate indicated that there were no significant differences in system usage across grade levels or between sexes within grade levels. Kruskal-Wallis analysis of variance testing did not reveal any significant differences in the amount of usage of the two modes of operation available. Evidence was found to indicate that a system such as the CAVCS could be of benefit to senior high school students during their preliminary efforts in vocational or career exploration.

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