An Interpretive Account of Counsellor Development


  • Jeff Chang Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology Athabasca University


counsellor education, counsellor development, hermeneutic inquiry, professional development, counselling students


Using a hermeneutic approach to inquiry, the author interviewed 8 counsellors in training to gain an understanding of the question, “How do counsellors in training develop, and how do they make sense of what they are doing/what is happening to them?” Their accounts were integrated into a single emerging story that captures their experience and the meaning they attached to their counsellor education experiences. Organized temporally, this story of counsellor development was divided into four phases: foreshadowings, opening chapters, denouement, and final chapter (conclusions). Finally, implications for counsellor education practice are discussed.

Author Biography

Jeff Chang, Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology Athabasca University

Dr. Jeff Chang is Assistant Professor in the Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology, Athabasca University, and Director of The Family Psychology Centre in Calgary, AB




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