Ethical Considerations of Social Networking for Counsellors


  • William Edgar Vernon Bratt University of Victoria


Counselling, Social Networking, Ethics


The use of online social networking websites has increased among Canadians in recent years. There are many professional and ethical implications for counsellors who use these sites (Boyd, 2007). Although they offer advantages to counsellors, their use can also raise issues around ethical conduct. Because the counselling literature has not yet addressed these issues, this article draws on literature in other disciplines. A variety of issues are discussed using multidisciplinary references. The author concludes that online social networks are valuable tools for connecting with friends and loved ones, but that competent practitioners should be aware of the ethical concerns inherent to their use.

Author Biography

William Edgar Vernon Bratt, University of Victoria

MA (Candidate), Counselling Psychology, Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies




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Bratt, W. E. V. (2010). Ethical Considerations of Social Networking for Counsellors. Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 44(4). Retrieved from



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