Culture and Parenting: Psychological Adjustment among Chinese Canadian Adolescents


  • Cynthia S. M. Yoo University of British Columbia
  • Lynn D. Miller University of British Columbia


Multicultural Counselling, Family Counselling, Group Counselling


This study examined the relationships between adolescents’ cultural identification, perceptions of maternal and paternal parenting, and psychological adjustment with a sample of 192 Chinese Canadian adolescents. Participants were recruited from public urban high schools and completed 4 self-report questionnaires. Data were analyzed using correlation and regression analyses. Results revealed that neither demographic nor cultural variables were significantly associated with psychological adjustment. Perceived maternal/paternal warmth was significantly and positively correlated with psychological adjustment and partially mediated the effect of perceived maternal/paternal control on psychological adjustment. The implications of these findings for counselling practice and future research are discussed.




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Yoo, C. S. M., & Miller, L. D. (2011). Culture and Parenting: Psychological Adjustment among Chinese Canadian Adolescents. Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 45(1). Retrieved from



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