Integrating Brief Counselling and Adolescents' Needs


  • John M. Littrell
  • Kirk Zinck
  • Diane Nesselhuf
  • Charles Yorke


Brief counselling is a powerful tool for working with adolescents. In the past, brief counselling has focused on strategies for problem-solving and goal-setting, while minimizing its connections to the broader developmental frameworks of human needs (i.e., survival, belonging/love, power, freedom, & fun). Consideration of these basic needs assists in counselling adolescents when working in a brief counselling approach that acknowledges the limited time actually available for counsellor/client interactions. Five counselling cases are examined from the integrated perspectives of a brief counselling approach and William Glasser's theory of human needs.




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Littrell, J. M., Zinck, K., Nesselhuf, D., & Yorke, C. (2007). Integrating Brief Counselling and Adolescents’ Needs. Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 31(2). Retrieved from



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