Les transitions professionnelles des personnes de type conventionnel

  • Danielle Riverin-Simard
  • Claudine Delmotte


This article explores the vocational development of the conventional types and its link with the socio-professional transitions forced on them, among other variables, by the present socioeconomical conditions. The study of a sample of 190 subjects contributes to a better knowing of the complex aspects of P-E interaction and corroborates the necessity to take them into account, given the importance these individuals attach to their organizational environment. The conclusion puts forward some practical implementations.
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Riverin-Simard, D., & Delmotte, C. (2007). Les transitions professionnelles des personnes de type conventionnel. Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 30(2). Retrieved from https://cjc-rcc.ucalgary.ca/article/view/58552
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