The arts are exploding as a tool for self-care, and brain and trauma research are showing that participation in the arts has benefits. What is the evidence that informs the practice of creative arts therapists in art, music, dance-movement, drama, creative writing, play, and expressive arts therapy?


One-page proposals for manuscripts are requested for this issue that address the research and practical issues in creative arts therapies. Manuscripts might address topics such as the following:


·         Original research.

·         Case studies.

·         The challenges of doing research in this field.

·         Qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, and arts-based methods of research.

·         Applying brain research to practice.

·         Meta-analysis of the evidence for this practice.

·         Partnering with other disciplines as a means of research.


Other topics related to research in creative arts therapies are encouraged. The proposals should be submitted to Guest Editor, Melody Newcomb, by June 30, 2019. The deadline for manuscripts of accepted proposals is November 30, 2019. Publication is expected to be in the July 2020 issue. Email proposals to Melody Newcomb at with “Manuscript Proposal” written on the subject line.