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Cahill, Mildred
Caine, Vera, University of Alberta
Cairns, Kathleen
Cairns, Kathleen V.
Cairns, Sharon L., University of Calgary
Cairns, Sharon L., The University of Calgary (Canada)
Cairns, Sharon L., University of Calgary
Calder, Berry
Calder, Peter
Cameron, Catherine Ann, University of British Columbia
Campbell, Allan J., Siksika Mental Health
Campbell, Lori
Campbell, Marjorie
Campbell, Nettie
Canuel, N.
Caouette, Charles
Caouette, Louise
Caouette, Louise, Institut d’analyse eidétique
Capelle, Ron
Capelle, Ronald G.
Caputo, Arcangelo
Cardinal, James
Cardu, Hélène
Carlson, Jon
Carlson, Roxanne, University of Calgary
Carr, Margaret
Carr, Rey
Carr, Rey A.
Carr, Rey Alexander
Carruthers, Kathy Hubley
Carter, Mary Ann
Cartwright, F.
Carty, Laurie
Cassella, Caitlin, Clifton Springs Hospital, Rochester Regional
Casserly, Catherine
Cassidy, Taya, Athabasca University
Castonguay, Louis Georges
Catterall, Calvin D.
Centeno, Isabel M., Monterrey, Mexico
Chabot, Nathalie
Chafe, Don V.
Chagnon, Gilles
Challen, Peter
Chalmers, Darlene
Chami, M.
Chan Kent, Alysha, University of Calgary
Chang, Jeff, Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology Athabasca University
Chang, Jeff, Athabasca University (Canada)
Chang, Jeff, Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology Athabasca University
Chapman, James W.
Charbonneau, Claude
Charbonneau, Luce
Charette, Réjean
Charette, Rejean
Charlebois, Christine
Charter, Ann, University of Manitoba
Charters, Wendy L., Master of Counselling: Counselling Psych, Athabasca University Employer: School District 46, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia
Chase, Robert M., University of Manitoba
Checkley, S. M.
Chen, Charles P.
Cheng, Jeremy C. K.
Chermonte, Joel
Cheshire, Liane, Member Number: 6790, Member Type: Full A, Expiry Month: November, Expiry Year: 2009, Membership Fee: 150, Renewal Type: Renewal
Chevrier, Jacques
Chew, Judy
Chiko, Carl H.
Chinmaya, A.
Chisan, J. B.
Chisholm, Joe
Chislet, Lise
Chislett, Lise
Chodzinski, Raymond T.
Chondros, Konstantinos, University of Calgary
Chou, Fred, University of British Columbia; Trinity Western University
Chouinard, Damien
Christensen, C. M.
Christensen, Carole Pigler
Christenson, Carole Pigler
Christianson, Carley L.
Christie, M. M.
Christie, Tasso G.
Ciarrochi, Joseph
Ciccocioppo, Anna-Lisa
Cieslak, Damian, University of Lethbridge (Alumni)
Claire, Carolyn A.
Clark, Andrew K.
Clark, Arthur J.
Clark, Graeme T.
Clark, R. C.
Clarkson, Nancy
Clemens, David B.
Cloutier, Richard
Clute, Frank J.
Cochran, Larry
Cochran, Larry D.
Cochran, Larry R.
Code, Michael N., University of Lethbridge
Cogan, Karen
Cohen, Avraham
College, Camosun
Collier, Dylis
Collin, Audrey
Collins, Sandra
Collins, Sandra, Athabasca University (Canada)
Colthorpe, Paul
Comeau, Nancy
Conger, D. Stuart
Conger, Stuart
Conklin, R. C.
Conklin, Rod C.
Conklin, Rodney C.
Conn, Stephanie M., Private Practice
Conner, Elaine
Conville, Richard L.
Cook, Christopher, University of British Columbia
Cooper, Chris
Corbin, Sandra J.
Corkum-O'Grady, Lisa, Member Number: 7874, Member Type: Full A, Expiry Month: August, Expiry Year: 2009, Membership Fee: 150, Renewal Type: Renewal
Cornish, Peter
Costar, James W.
Côté, Christian
Cottone, R. Rocco
Cournoyer, Louis, Member Number: 1402, Member Type: Full A, Expiry Month: August, Expiry Year: 2010, Membership Fee: 150, Renewal Type: Renewal
Coutinho, Joana F., University of Minho
Couture, Shari
Cover, John A.
Cox, Daniel W., The University of British Columbia
Craig, Wendy
Cram, J.
Cram, J. M.
Cram, Jack
Crealock, Carol
Crombie, Gail
Crooks, Maxine M.
Crookshanks, J. Doug
Crosbie, Peggy
Crose, Royda
Cross, Lara E., University of Alberta Faculty of Education Department of Educational Psychology Specialization: Counselling Psychology
Crozier, Sharon
Crozier, Sharon D.
Crozier, Sharon D., University of Calgary
Cruchley, J.
Cruikshank, Emily C., University of Alberta
Csapo, Marg
Cubitt, Anne
Culbertson, Frances M.
Culotta, Susan
Cumming, C
Cumming, Ceinwen
Cummings, Anne
Cummings, Anne
Cummings, Anne L.
Cummings, Anne L., The University of Western Ontario
Cummings, Anne L., University of Western Ontario
Cunningham, Nancy J.
Curtis, David W.
Curtis, E.
Cuthbert, Lt. Cdr. (R.) J.R.S.
Cyr, Mireille
Czapo, Marg

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