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Fiber Channel

by Configure Serverov (2019-03-04)

Storage FC protocol (Fiber Channel)


The FC (Fiber Channel) protocol is purposefully designed for building storage area networks, is used as a de facto standard in enterprises, and is supported by most manufacturers.

Pros: high performance, low latency, ability to scale, support for older devices, mass distribution.

Cons: relatively high cost of adapters and switches.

FCoE protocol


The FCoE protocol (Fiber Channel over Ethernet) works on convergent technology that allows you to combine a local area network and storage area network сервер. This reduces costs for data centers and simplifies network management and maintenance, since a single infrastructure and one set of equipment are used.

Pros: effective use of equipment by reducing its quantity, good performance (in comparison with iSCSI-networks).

Cons: relatively high cost of equipment for building a network, the complexity of configuration and support.

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Implementation options

Select a hardware platform manufacturer.