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by Configure Serverov (2019-03-04)

Storage networks


In enterprises with several servers to which external disk storage systems and tape drives are connected, the need arises for their coordinated collaboration. This problem is solved using storage система networks. Storage Area Network (SAN) is a specialized network infrastructure and a comprehensive architectural solution that connects servers and storage in a single unit. The storage network provides a connection at the physical level and provides the ability to control a computer system.

Tasks that SAN solves


Builds a flexible, scalable infrastructure.

Allows you to centrally manage server and storage resources.

Increases the reliability and resiliency of the system.

Delivers data packets with a high guarantee and reduces delays between sessions.

Increases the speed of data exchange between individual elements of the system.

Increases security and enhances access control.

Quickly restores system performance (including when replacing a server).

Simplifies infrastructure administration.

Protocols for building SAN: iSCSI, SAS, FC, FCoE


SAN купить is primarily a failure of the traditional concept, when the server is directly connected to each storage device. Storage Area Network allows you to connect any server with any storage device within a local or geographically distributed network. Common network topology options:

single switch fabric;

centrally distributed (core-edge fabric);

cascaded fabric;

lattice (fabric);

ring (ring fabric).

Depending on the topology, the number of servers and disk drives, software, equipment and a protocol are chosen to connect the elements into a single infrastructure. Modern SANs are typically based on iSCSI, SAS, FC, or FCoE protocols.