Journal of Applied Hermeneutics

Hermeneutics is not really concerned with hermeneutics...but with how we might make sense of our lives in such a way that life can go on...

David Smith, 1999

The journal features the work of hermeneutics in its application to topics that inhabit our lives and professions. It is when hermeneutics is put to work through the act of interpreting living features of the world that its strengths and character appear. Articles in this journal make the subtle interpretability of the world visible and available.



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2019 Institute for Hermeneutic Phenomenology

Phenomenology of Aging is the theme for the upcoming institute. July 22-15, 2019, University of Buffalo  
Posted: 2019-02-24 More...

Professional Certificate in Couple and Family Therapy

The Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary offers a credentialed,  online professional certificate in couple and family therapy. Please read more for full description  
Posted: 2019-01-11 More...

11th Annual Canadian Hermeneutic Institute

Registration is now open for the 11th Annual Canadian Hermeneutic Institute, June 5-7, 2019, Hotel Alma, University of Calgary. Dr. James Risser will be our visiting scholar.


Posted: 2019-01-04 More...
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