The Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy intends to publish a special issue devoted to Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Counselling. Drs. Robert Roughley, Toupey Luft, and Jill Cummings will be the Guest Editors for this thematic issue. As the field of counselling psychology continues to evolve, so too do the unique and eclectic needs of learners in their professional development as counselling practitioners. The central intention of this special issue is to initiate conversations within our field regarding best practices, innovative and creative approaches to engaging learners, as well as planning for potential shifts within the landscape of counsellor education.  One-page proposals for manuscripts are requested for this issue that address conceptual, research, and practical issues in the scholarship of teaching and learning in counselling.  Manuscripts might address topics such as the following: best practices in counsellor education, engagement and retention of students, continuing education and professional development, theoretical approaches to adult education and lifelong learning, inclusion and diversity in pedagogy, reflexive practice, online and traditional learning communities, and supporting professional identity development in learners.  Other topics related to the scholarship of teaching and learning in counselling are encouraged.  We welcome research-based manuscripts, theoretical discussions, and calls to action regarding these topics. The proposals should be submitted to the Guest Editors by June 30, 2018. 

The deadline for proposals is June 30, 2018. The manuscript itself is due November 30, 2018. Proposals should be submitted to Dr. Robert Roughley, Email: with “Manuscript Proposal” written on the subject line.