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I am recruiting participants for a study of experienced practitioners’ reflections on their practice. An interview will include career choice and satisfaction, contributors to longevity, significant influences on professional development, and thoughts about the future of the profession.

Individuals aged 60 or older who have 20 or more years of professional counseling experience and have been a member of a relevant professional organization in the past 5 years are invited.

Please contact Jason Brown, Professor, at Western University by telephone (519) 661-2111 x88617 or email <> for further information.



Making a Submission to The Practitioner’s Notebook

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Vol 48, No 3 (2014): Special Issue

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Table of Contents

Introduction/ Introduction

Counsellors, Counselling, and Social Justice: The Professional is Political PDF
Nancy Arthur, Sandra Collins

Special Issue Articles/ Articles d'édition spéciale

Social Justice and Counselling Psychology: Recommitment Through Action PDF
Barbara A. Kennedy, Nancy Arthur
Social Justice and the Word: Keeping Diversity Alive in Therapeutic Conversations PDF
David Paré
Transgender Therapy, Social Justice, and the Northern Context: Challenges and Opportunities PDF
Angela C. Neufeld
Beyond Charity: Social Class and Classism in Counselling PDF
E. Fisher Lavell
The School Counsellor’s Role in Promoting Social Justice for Refugee and Immigrant Children PDF
Jan Stewart
“Picture Me Different”: Challenging Community Ideas about Women Released from Prison PDF
Barbara J. Pickering
Canadian and Nepali Counsellors: In Collaboration for Social Justice in Nepal PDF
Patrice A. Keats, Ashwin Sharma
Fostering Multicultural and Social Justice Competence Through Counsellor Education Pedagogy PDF
Candace B. Brown, Sandra Collins, Nancy Arthur
Poverty, Mental Health, and Counsellors for Social Justice: Reflections on an Interactive Workshop PDF
Cristelle Audet, Sandra Collins, Melissa Jay, Kathleen Irvine, Andria Hill-Lehr, Christina Schmolke

Articles/ Articles

Facilitating Mental Health Literacy: Targeting Canadian First Nations Youth PDF
Jacqueline T. Potvin-Boucher, Judi L. Malone
Postsecondary Students’ Information Needs and Pathways for Help with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression PDF
Donald W. Stewart, John R. Walker, Brooke Beatie, Kristin A. Reynolds, Ken Hahlweg, Mark Leonhart, Alexandria Tulloch, The Mobilizing Minds Research Group

Book Reviews/ Comptes rendus

Book Review of “The Practice of Collaborative Counseling and Psychotherapy: Developing Skills in Culturally Mindful Helping” PDF
Sandra Dixon
Book Review of “The Practice of Collaborative Counseling and Psychotherapy: Developing Skills in Culturally Mindful Helping” PDF
Cristelle Audet

ISSN: 1923-6182